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01 December 2008 @ 16:43
Thanksgiving bonus.  
This year, I had one thing in particular to be grateful for: US Permanent Residency. In fact, the day after Thanksgiving, my actual green card arrived. No, it is not actually green, it's sort-of beige with lots of high-tech features. It does have some green bits, notably where it says PERMANENT RESIDENT CARD on the back. So that was an easy call for the traditional go-around-the-table of giving thanks. Fortunately, there were no truly nauseating givings of thanks, which was a relief.

Despite a change in venue this year — thanks Libba and Barry — we also continued last year's new tradition of following the Thanksgiving part with a much more entertaining, and far less serious round of Schadenfreudegiving: giving thanks for bad things that have happened to your enemies* (or people you don't really like very much, if you don't have a list of enemies like any normal person would). It's like lancing a little boil of bottled up vitriolic glee and having fun bubble out into the ether, taking the bad feelings with it. Somewhere between a serious confession and a good gloat.

Try it next year; you'll like it.

* Having let the kids get down from the table to bugger off and play video games, of course.
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(Anonymous) on 1st December 2008 22:49 (UTC)
I'm jealous!
Sounds like an awesome good time. I love the idea of it, and may need to steal it for my own next Thanksgiving. Although the people out here lack a little of my favorite New York style of snark.
(Anonymous) on 1st December 2008 22:50 (UTC)
That was me, by the way. Way out here in Denver.

wild_west_billwild_west_bill on 2nd December 2008 16:32 (UTC)