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07 November 2008 @ 14:21
Oh, fuck off, Joe!  
Apparently, Joe Lieberman thinks losing his committee chairmanship is "unacceptable." I think he should fuck right off to the political wilderness where he belongs. It will far easier to stick his tongue up his bff John's ass from there.
I feel: annoyedannoyed
The Knight in Shining Skull T-shirtgillan on 7th November 2008 19:51 (UTC)
eff that guy
Joshua A.C. Newmannikotesla on 10th November 2008 15:29 (UTC)
You know what's nice about not having the 60-seat majority? It's that we don't have it because of Joe Lieberman.

... on the other hand, we might get it. Then the little Fundamentalist will be kingmaker

Dude sucks.
(Anonymous) on 2nd April 2011 08:07 (UTC)
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